Kylie Jenner Shares Bloody “Nightmare On Elm Street” Collab, Prompting Both Jokes & Outrage


Since she launched Kylie Cosmetics back in 2014, Kylie Jenner has released hundreds of products and created dozens of collections. It’s not uncommon for the 24-year-old to really embrace the theme of each holiday as it comes around in her work, and Halloween is no exception.

On October 5th, the socialite dropped a very bloody teaser trailer, showing close ups of her body, dripping in thick, red liquid as she smothers it around.

“Can you guess who we collaborated with this year for Halloween? Collection reveal coming today,” she tweeted.

In the background of the video, an eerie track from Nightmare on Elm Street can be heard playing, an obvious hint that Jenner has teamed up with the famous horror movie for her latest collection.

Over the past few days, the California-born starlet has been providing her fans with plenty of content, including a shot of her as Freddy Kruger, and one of her in full glam, bearing a nasty arm gash.

Yesterday, Jenner upped the ante by posting a completely nude photo, showing her sitting on the floor, looking back at the camera in a bloody mess.

“MY KYLIE X NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET COLLECTION LAUNCHES TOMORROW! 3pm pst,” the expecting mother captioned the post.

While some immediately understood what Jenner was trying to convey with her creepy Halloween shoot, others took the opportunity to crack jokes.

“When you sneeze on your period,” several comments read. “I guess it’s that time of the month,” others joked.

Some took the Instagram post more seriously, calling it things like “disturbing” and “not necessary.”

Jenner’s older sister, Khloe Kardashian, didn’t hesitate to leave some positivity in the comment section, writing, “all hail the queen!!!! My beautiful baby!!!!!!”

See the controversial photos from Kylie Jenner’s Nightmare on Elm Street collaboration below.



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