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Kyrie Irving Reacts To Ben Simmons’ Absence Following Sweep


The Nets got embarrassed in the first round.

Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets had a horrible first-round series against the Boston Celtics. While the first game was very close, the Nets were never able to get things going down the stretch as the Celtics defense completely stifled KD and Kyrie. The Nets’ superstars were rendered useless and at times, it looked like they had completely given up on the game.

Perhaps the most egregious lack of effort came from none other than Ben Simmons. Simmons was supposed to play in Game 4 but backed out due to his back injury. In fact, Simmons didn’t even sit on the bench throughout the game which was quite cowardly.

Brooklyn Nets

Al Bello/Getty Images

Following their elimination from the series, Kyrie spoke about Simmons and whether or not the team was upset with his absence. As Kyrie explained, there is no ill will towards the superstar and that they are simply excited to have him back next year.

“We lost a franchise player and we got a franchise player back but we didn’t get chance to see [Ben Simmons] on the floor,” Simmons said. “There was no pressure for him to step on the floor with us either. Ben’s good, we have Ben, we have his back he’s gonna be good for next year.”

Simmons has been a no-show all season long and heading into next year, he doesn’t exactly have a great reputation. With that being said, the Nets could be in for a whole lot of dysfunction.


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