Kyrie Irving is one of the best point guards in the NBA, however, fans haven’t been able to see him show his stuff this year because he refuses to get vaccinated. Due to the mandates in Brooklyn, New York, Kyrie cannot play a single home game, and as a team, the Nets have decided that Kyrie can’t play away games either.

Earlier in the season, Kyrie said he was doing this to be a voice for the voiceless as many people have lost their jobs due to refusing the vaccine. According to a report from Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson of Bally Sports, some sources close to Kyrie are claiming that he lied about his logic as he didn’t want to be dubbed as an anti-vaxxer. Instead, Kyrie simply does not trust the vaccine and would rather not take it altogether.

Kyrie Irving

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Per Bally:

“Those closest to him also have shared that Irving knows anything he says will be magnified and scrutinized and he doesn’t want to be viewed as an anti-vaxxer. He’s not taking this stance to be a voice for the voiceless. He’s just not trusting of the available vaccines, according to sources.

Irving also does not want to get vaccinated because of bad experiences with his health due to basketball injuries over the years.”

The debates surrounding the vaccine have been quite polarizing, so it is easy to see why Kyrie might take such a drastic measure. Having said that, his decision could ultimately end his career if these mandates remain in place.

Kyrie Irving

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