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Kyrie Irving Trade & Retirement Rumors Resurface Amid Vaccination Saga


The Kyrie Irving rumors continue to gain traction as his playing status remains unknown.

Kyrie Irving is refusing to get the vaccine and it is putting the Brooklyn Nets in a very odd situation. If Kyrie continues with this trajectory, he will miss upwards of 45 games, and he will lose over $15 million. These are substantial losses although, at this point, Kyrie doesn’t seem to mind. The ones that do mind, however, are his teammates who will have to carry the team in his absence.

Kyrie’s vaccination status has brought forth a plethora of rumors, as reporters like Nick Wright have claimed that Irving could be traded and that if it happens, he will retire on the spot. While this theory was laughed off at first, it seems to be picking up steam thanks to a report from Marc Stein.

Kyrie Irving

Elsa/Getty Images

Marc Stein is one of the most well-connected reporters in the league right, and he is reporting that should Kyrie get traded, he would seriously consider retiring from the game of basketball. He doesn’t want to play anywhere except Brooklyn, although if he truly feels that way, the only solution is getting the vaccine. Needless to say, it is an impossible situation for both sides of the conflict.

If Irving were to be moved, it would send shockwaves throughout the NBA. One would have to assume the Nets could get a superstar point guard in exchange for Irving, although it’s clear that Irving’s value has taken a hit as of late.

Either way, stay tuned to HNHH for all of the latest updates from the NBA world.


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