Kyrie Irving is a difficult person to figure out. Dating back to the flat-Earth days and moving through his tenure with the Boston Celtics to his current home with the Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie has said and done some things that left both teammates, fans and the media scratching their heads. 

Today, Kyrie intentionally or unintentionally plunged himself into the ongoing COVID-19 debate regarding masks, their effectiveness and their link to a government’s control over its people.

“My mask is off. Now take yours off. No fear.” Kyrie tweeted. At first read this obviously sounds like a statement about the ongoing pandemic. It reads like Kyrie is saying that he is no longer wearing a mask, is encouraging others to ditch theirs and caps it with “no fear.”  

Outrage over this statement came quick. “Do not listen to the flat earth believing NBA player,” one Twitter user wrote. “Even if his fans are claiming this is some metaphor, he knows what he said and what is going on. It isn’t a metaphor.” 

Others, including Bomani Jones and Scoop B., were not so quick to take Kyrie’s tweet at face value. 

Plus, we have this video of Kyrie wearing a mask over the weekend at an LA Sparks game. 

It’s always difficult to know exactly what Kyrie means but what do you think he was talking about here? Was this tweet directly related to COVID-19 and the ongoing global pandemic or was this a poorly-timed metaphor? Let us know in the comments.