Lady London Freestyles Over Nicki Minaj’s “Yikes” On New Album “Lady Like: The Boss Tape”


After facing some hardships, New York’s Lady London is making a confident return to the music industry with Lady Like: The Boss Tape. The 13-track new arrival sees the rapper – who is “proficient in almost everything,” according to her Instagram bio – sample songs from Drake, Nicki Minaj, Erica Banks, and more.

As HipHop-n-More reports, London previously lost her hard drive which held “all the music she’s recorded” over the past few years, and has also been facing some tough legal struggles.

Along with her new album, Lady London has been preparing to drop off a video for the record’s last track, “Lisa’s Story,” which depicts “a New York romance,” according to the caption of the sneak preview shared to her Instagram page.

Which of the New Jersey-born rap star’s featured samples is your favourite on Lady Like: The Boss Tape? What tracks would you like to see her freestyle over in the future? Drop a comment below and let us know. 


1. Viral

2. Long Live Shamello

3. Yikes

4. Lemon Pepper Wet

5. Lady What, Lady Who?

6. All I See

7. Black Love

8. Buss It, Ski

9. Welcome To The Party

10. You’re Still Mine (feat. MAKAELA)

11. Reciprocity

12. Girl Like Me

13. Lisa’s Story (feat. Dub Aura)



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