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Lakers Become A Laughing Stock After Falling Out Of Playoff Contention


This Lakers season has been a disaster.

Last night, the Los Angeles Lakers faced off against the Dallas Mavericks in a game that was truly despicable. Without LeBron, the Lakers gave up 82 points in the first half, and by the end of the game, they had lost by 19 points. They were absolutely no match for Luka Doncic and company, which led to a horrific game that now has the Lakers at a record of 31-44.

To make matters worse, the Lakers are now 11th in the Western Conference standings, which means they would not make the play-in tournament if the season were to stop today. Of course, the Lakers still have seven games to make up for their horrific play, however, their upcoming schedule is pretty brutal.

The Lakers are a franchise that people love to hate, so it’s not all that shocking to see some of the wild responses from last night. As you can see down below, some fans were smoking the proverbial “pack,” while others just want to see the Lakers burn. Some actual Lakers fans are now calling for a retooling of sorts, as they are simply fed up with Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook.

No matter the case, the Lakers are not very good right now, and it doesn’t look like things will change anytime soon.


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