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Lamar Jackson Offers Definitive Stance On His Future In Baltimore


Lamar Jackson is looking to get a massive contract.

Numerous quarterbacks throughout the NFL have been blessed with massive contracts as of late. This makes a lot of sense when you realize how the QB position is easily the most important to an NFL franchise. If you’re a top-tier starter, you are looking at close to $40 million per year, and as you can imagine, someone like Lamar Jackson is certainly looking for that kind of bread.

Jackson is a former league MVP, and he is easily the reason why the Ravens have been so good over the past few years. Due to an injury, Jackson could not lead the Ravens to the playoffs, however, it was just yet another example of how valuable he is to the team.

Lamar Jackson

Jason Miller/Getty Images

As it stands, Jackson still hasn’t negotiated a new deal with the Ravens, and now, the rumors are starting to pile up. Jackson isn’t too fond of the noise, and on Wednesday, he took to Twitter with a reality check for all of the armchair quarterbacks out there.

“I love my Ravens I don’t know who the hell putting that false narrative out that I’m having thoughts about leaving stop tryna read my mind,” Jackson wrote.

Jackson and the Ravens have always been match-made in heaven, so we’re glad to hear this is the case. Hopefully, Jackson gets the contract he deserves, sooner rather than later.


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