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Lamar Odom Details Leaving Sabrina Parr: “The Relationship Was Abusive”

Lamar Odom Details Leaving Sabrina Parr: “The Relationship Was Abusive”

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Odom says he’s is free of drugs, relationships, as well as his addiction to pornography.

There was a time when Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr boasted about their romance. Like many other celebrity couples, they posed for photos, were photographed by the paparazzi, teased a potential reality show about their relationship, and even announced their engagement. After suffering through a harrowing journey of addiction and a near-death overdose, people were happy that Odom was able to bounce back with a new love.

However, the relationship was fraught with issues and when it crumbled, Odom and Parr engaged in a scathing war of words on social media. They haven’t been together for some time, but Odom decided to pen a message amid the anniversary of when he left Parr.

Lamar Odom, Sabrina Parr
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“A year ago yesterday I left my ex fiance’ at the W Hotel in Atlanta without notice,” he wrote. “When she realized I was gone back to my home in San Diego she was livid. I received over 250 calls and text messages over the course of last December from her wanting to fix us. We were toxic. Independently and collectively. Leaving broke my heart but saved my soul. The relationship was abusive.”

Many times I wanted to go back because-the dysfunction in me was addicted to the abuse. The addict in me hated being alone, the man in me wanted a pretty face to wake up to, it was hard. Late nights and early mornings alone wears on a brother. I sought solace in marijuana and a slew of random women, not loving any of them, not really wanting to be with any of them, but it beat being lonely.

Odom added that he had a team who helped him with his “fresh start” and he knew that the changes he needed to make were for him, not anyone else. “Today, I am free. Drug free. Pornography addiction free. Marijuana free. Relationship free,” he said. “I am rebuilding a relationship with myself. With my family. I am focused on my faith. My growth. My brand. I am a legend. I own that. I am a recovering addict. I own that too.”

Read through his message in full below.

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