Lamb bunny chow: Spicy Durban-style comfort food

Lamb bunny chow: Spicy Durban-style comfort food

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Have you got memories of holidays along the Eastern coast of South Africa and enjoyed the spicy, aromatic and comforting joy that is bunny chow? Bunny chow is a hollowed out bread loaf stuffed with beautiful curry, usually lamb our mutton, from this great food region. It’s a proudly South African dish that has its origins with Indian curry flavours but with a local twist. Our lamb bunny chow will bring back memories of those great road trips.

Lamb bunny chow tips

Toasting the spices releases their oils and flavours with a bit of a roasted punch. The curry is cooked by layering all of the flavours so that each one has a chance to shine. The lamb is beautifully browned and cooked until tender. When hollowing out the bread, don’t get rid of the filling, but serve it along the side to soak-up the sauce at the end. You can use beef, mutton, chicken or even some beans in this recipe and it will be perfect every time.

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When you want hearty comfort food that reminds you of the best times of your life, try our homemade lamb bunny chow and share with family and friends.

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