Lamb curry bunny chow filling: Aromatic and spicy classic


If you’ve ever been to Kwa-Zulu Natal, you know about bunny chow, a Durban delicacy. It combines the love of curry and bread in a delicious marriage of flavour. Lamb curry is tender, aromatic and spicy, bringing back memories of holidays gone by. Bunny chow is just the delicious curry filled into a hollowed-out half bread loaf. Our lamb curry bunny chow filling is perfect for any family meal and if you want to make people at work jealous, pack it for a tasty lunch.

Tips for your lamb curry bunny chow filling

Your lamb marinade consists of all of the classic aromatic curry flavours which will make your home smell amazing. The include garam masala, cumin, coriander, turmeric, ginger and curry powder. These flavours will take time to penetrate the meat for deep, rich flavours. Because it’s curry, it is best made a day in advance but we know you won’t be able to wait. To make your bunny chow, halve or quarter a loaf of bread and remove most but not all of the bread filling. Place it on a plate and fill with lamb curry. Don’t get rid of the bread filling, that’s perfect for mopping up any of the sauce. Use the ends for take-away bunny chow on the move.

Bunny chow, a Durban holiday classic or just a tasty lunch. Our aromatic, spicy lamb curry bunny chow filling is always a winner for the whole family.

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