Ever since the fallout between PJ Washington and Brittany Renner, many NBA fans are hypersensitive about young basketball players and the women they associate with. No one wants to see a young man get trapped, especially when they are first starting to get money and can be both naive and overly trusting.

When rumors started to surface that LaMelo Ball was dating IG model Ana Montana, red flags started to wave considering Montana is 32 years old while LaMelo is only 19. Many felt like the age difference was a bit suspect and that Montana could be trying to do LaMelo like Renner did Washington. It led to a lengthy discourse on Twitter, with many voicing their strong opinions.

With some trying to claim that LaMelo is being groomed, Montana took to Twitter where she put these ideas to rest. As she explains, she is self-sufficient on her own and that she is not looking to have Melo support her financially in any way.

“Y’all do know i have MY OWN money and take care of myself and family right ? Lol,” Montana said.

Needless to say, this is looking like one of those instances where the internet tries to know everything about a given situation, without getting all of the facts first. For now, Melo and Montana seem happy together, and if Ball understands the risks, then he is already well ahead of some of his peers.

LaMelo Ball

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