Latest ANC defence of Russia sparks anger


The ANC has been lambasted by political opponents on Tuesday, after the Department of Public Service and Administration thanked Russia for maintaining diplomatic ties with South Africa. However, the ruling party has been accused of ‘worshipping’ Vladimir Putin.

ANC ‘love-in’ for Russia upsets the opposition

Earlier this year, The authoritarian Russian ruler ordered the invasion of Ukraine, leading to outright destruction and death on the European continent. This act of aggression has also exacerbated the global ‘cost of living crisis’.

South Africa caught a lot of heat on the international stage when, back in February, government diplomats refused to condemn the invasion – and instead insisted on remaining ‘politically neutral’. Needless to say, the continued fawning for Russia hasn’t sat well with many South Africans.

Russia praised for ‘fighting for peace’

Leon Schreiber considers himself more aggrieved than most with the ANC’s love-in for Russia. As shadow minister, he is the opposite number of Thulas Nxesi, who delivered this rather fluffed-up assessment of Russia’s ‘peace-making attempts’:

“The 30-year Anniversary of diplomatic relations between South Africa and Russia is an opportunity for both sides to give further impetus to deepening ties between the two countries as we believe that together we can join hands with the world and fight for lasting peace.”

“The historical links between South Africa and Russian remain strong. Both South Africa and Russia held a number of events to highlight milestones in both countries in 2022. We are proud to enjoy excellent diplomatic relations with the country, which is a valued strategic partner.”

Thulas Nxesi

Not impressed! Minister accused of ‘worshipping Putin’

  • Schreiber said the ANC were ‘falling at the feet of Putin’, at a time where global sentiment is going in the opposite direction:


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