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Latto Praises Cardi B & Nicki Minaj, Defends Herself People Saying She Can’t Love Both


She made it clear that whatever “beef” that may exist has nothing to do with her and she can show love to the both of them.

We somehow live in a world where artists aren’t able to express adoration for those that they admire without fans attempting to egg on a Rap beef. Earlier today (November 19) the Bruised soundtrack was released featuring some of today’s hottest women in Rap. Halle Berry, who directed and stars in the Netflix film, partnered with Cardi B to co-executive produce the soundtrack that includes looks from City Girls, Saweetie, DreamDoll, and Latto.

Latto recently praised Cardi B for supporting her career by featuring her on the soundtrack as well as the “WAP” music video. After praising Cardi, Latto also shared a video where she called herself “Latto Minaj” while rapping along to her own lyrics. After receiving backlash, Latto reacted on Twitter.

Aaron J. Thornton / Contributor / Getty Images

“Y’all are weird af lmao I thanked Cardi for what she’s done for me & I said what I said [shrug emoji]!!” she wrote. “I’ve been very vocal about loving them both so suck my d*ck I’m fine without a ft I don’t pay homage just to get a ft.” She also added, “[Craying laughing eomji] Cause literally it’s not that serious. I doubt Nicki & Cardi even care this much lmao. I luv them both & yes I’d love to collab w BOTH artists but I promise I’m not gone die if I don’t get a feature from either of them.”

“Sorry ima real b*tch 1st & they ‘beef’ don’t concern me.” Latto added that she wasn’t addressing any particular fanbase but those who have a certain mindset about who she should and shouldn’t speak about. Swipe below to read through the posts.


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