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Latto Stuns As Mariah Carey For Halloween


Latto’s costume is definitely going to draw some attention.

Tomorrow is Halloween which means throughout the weekend, there will be plenty of parties and opportunities to dress up and showcase your creativity. For celebrities, Halloween is always extremely easy as they have the money to shell out on some pretty elaborate costumes. Every single year, various artists come together for massive parties, and they always leave us marveling at whatever they were able to put together. After everything we saw last year, 2020 will certainly be hard to top.

With that being said, we are already starting to see some Halloween costumes on social media, and so far, they have been pretty damn good. Last night, Latto got to post her latest creation, and as you will see, it is an homage to Mariah Carey.


Jason Kempin/Getty Images

In the photo posted below, Latto can be seen white underwear and a white tank top. The top is actually covered in rainbow colors that match the white backdrop. For those who don’t already know, this is a reference to Carey’s Rainbow album which dropped back in 1999. The cover art for the album is iconic, and Latto does a stunning job at recreating it for her costume.

Pop culture is always a great theme for any costume, and Latto really nailed this one. As the weekend goes on, we’re sure there will be plenty of other great music-related costumes to take in. Stay tuned to HNHH as we will be sure to bring those to you.


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