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LaVar Ball Takes Aim At Michael Jordan In Bizarre Rant


LaVar doesn’t want LaMelo to receive any advice from MJ.

LaVar Ball is one of the most outspoken men in all of basketball, and he has no problems being given that title. In fact, that’s probably exactly what LaVar is going for every time he opens his mouth. The Ball family patriarch is constantly taking aim his son’s teams, and as of late, he has been particularly focused on the Charlotte Hornets, who boast the talents of his youngest son LaMelo.

Melo has been fantastic to start his career, and he has impressed the likes of team owner and NBA legend, Michael Jordan. During a recent radio interview, however, LaVar didn’t have many good things to say about Jordan. In fact, when asked if Melo took advice from MJ, LaVar said “What advice he ‘gon give him? You tell me what advice he ‘gon give him.”

LaMelo Ball

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

This then led into a rant about how Jordan hasn’t won anything in years, and that he simply is not qualified to give Melo any sort of advice right now. You can listen to this segment, in the IG post below.

“Do you ever have milk in your refrigerator, man? And when the damn thing expires, I hope you throw it away. God****it, when the last time he won a championship? And the game has changed, what you ‘gon tell him?” LaVar asked.

Going after someone like MJ is certainly an interesting strategy, and only time will tell whether or not it plays out in LaVar’s favor.


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