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LeBron James Comments On Anthony Davis-Dwight Howard Altercation


LeBron James is looking to turn things around after last night.

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers have had a rough start to the NBA season as the team is now 0-2. After losses to the Warriors and the Suns, some fans are worried that this team just doesn’t have what it takes to win a title. Of course, it is still early, however, the lack of chemistry amongst the roster seems to be of great concern. 

For instance, Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard got into an altercation last night that was a bit physical. Lakers players had to step in to break it up, and LeBron was included in the melee. After the game, LeBron told reporters and Spectrum SportsNet that the team has things under control. He acknowledged that there is a burning desire to be great and that any sort of speculation about the chemistry is overblown. 


Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Per LeBron:

“I don’t think it’s a lot of frustration. I really don’t. I think there’s moments when you’re frustrated because you wanna be better. You want better communication .. But I think it gets overly blown when you lose a game and you have some techs here, and you see an altercation. And you start to saying well with these guys, ultimately, the whole thing is frustration. We’re competitors. If you don’t get mad at certain things on the floor that you feel I should’ve done better, then what are you here for? We like that as a ball club. We like the adversity. I like the adversity and I like it even more when two men in a team can come together and talk about it and move on. That’s what real men do. You don’t let it linger. You say what you gotta say. You talk about it and move on. That’s what we did tonight.”

Howard and Davis have noted that they are fine with each other and that any issue they had last night has been deaded. Moving forward, however, this Lakers team will need to find the win column or it could continue to get ugly. 



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