LeBron James has always been protective of his kids, especially Bronny who is currently navigating the high school basketball world. Ever since finishing his season with Sierra Canyon, Bronny has been playing summer ball and over the weekend, he got to play a game at LeBron’s old high school gym at St Vincent-St Mary’s. A video of LeBron coaching Bronny ended up going viral, although now, another clip has surfaced, this time of LeBron confronting the PA announcer.

In the clip below, you can hear the PA announcer say that Bronny only got a foul called against him because he was playing in his father’s old gym. As you can imagine, LeBron didn’t like this and began to yell at the announcer from across the gym. Eventually, he made his way over to the scorer’s table to voice his displeasure with the comment.

After all, a PA announcer’s job is to simply reiterate what just happened, although very seldom do they ever offer their own commentary. With this in mind, he should have never made the snide comment in the first place. In the end, LeBron just wants the game to be about Bronny, and not himself, which is certainly admirable.

Perhaps next time, the PA announcer will think twice before getting a little too comfortable.

Bronny James Jr

Joe Robbins/Getty Images