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LeBron James Could Be An NHL Franchise Owner Soon


LeBron James continues to make mogul moves.

LeBron is one of the biggest athletes on the face of the planet and when it comes to what he’s accomplished over the years, it’s clear that there aren’t too many athletes out there who have done it just like him. With his retirement looming in a few years from now, LeBron is looking to continue stacking his bread while carving out even more generational wealth that will help his family for decades and even centuries to come.

For instance, LeBron is one of the investors of the Fenway Sports Group, which, of course, owns the Boston Red Sox, as well as the Roush Fenway NASCAR team. According to Axios, FSG is now in the midst of a deal that would see them purchase the Pittsburgh Penguins of the National Hockey League. This would ultimately make LeBron James a stakeholder in an NHL team.

LeBron James

Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images

In the Axios report, it was noted that Fenway Sports Group is also looking towards the NBA, although, there is no official news yet on which team they would try to buy. When you consider how James is still in the league, any sort of stakeholding would certainly be a conflict of interest, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see FSG wait until the Lakers superstar has walked away from the game, completely.

Regardless, LeBron still continues to be a mogul in the sports world, and it has been cool to see his trajectory off of the court.

LeBron James

Nic Antaya/Getty Images



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