LeBron James is one of the most popular athletes in the world and when he recommends new music, it typically carries some weight. LeBron is constantly on his Instagram story showing off new songs and albums, so it should be no surprise that he is locked in listening to music while preparing for this latest season of the NBA.

James is heading into his 19th season and fans are expecting big things thanks to this new and improved Lakers roster. LeBron is well aware of the pressure that’s on him, and his workouts have reflected this as he continues to show off his intensity in the weight room.

LeBron James

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Following the release of Baby Keem’s new album The Melodic Blue, James took to the gym where he co-signed the young artist’s new project. In the clip below, James can be seen blasting Keem’s album in the background all while dancing in front of the camera. We’ve seen James do this before and if your song is the one he’s dancing to, then you’ve just received the ultimate compliment.

Keem’s new album has been polarizing thus far especially when you consider the song “range brothers” which features Kendrick Lamar’s unique “Top Of The Morning” verse. Regardless of what you may think of the project, everyone has an opinion on it which is better than no one caring at all.

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