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LeBron James Offers Prayers For CJ McCollum


CJ McCollum’s recent diagnosis scared NBA fans.

CJ McCollum has been a staple of the Portland Trail Blazers roster over the last few years, and fans have grown accustomed to his play on the court. This season, McCollum has been a part of numerous trade rumors, and fans are curious to see if he will end up on a team like the Philadelphia 76ers, who are jonesing to get rid of none other than Ben Simmons.

Unfortunately, McCollum has much more pertinent matters to attend to right now as he was recently diagnosed with a collapsed lung. While it does sound scarier than it really is, there is no doubt that many are sending prayers to the Blazers star. You never want to see a player suffer an injury like that, especially after some broken ribs on the court. Now, McCollum will be out indefinitely.


Ashley Landis-Pool/Getty Images

As for other players around the league, McCollum has always earned their respect. This is especially true of LeBron James, who recently took to Twitter to offer prayers for the Blazers star. “Get well ASAP bro!” LeBron wrote on his Twitter page.

LeBron has always shown love to players who are in compromising positions such as this one, and it’s good to see McCollum getting the support he needs right now. Stay tuned to HNHH, as we will continue to bring you the latest updates on McCollum’s condition.


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