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LeBron James Reacts To Zaire Wade Making It To The G-League


LeBron James is proud of the young Wade.

LeBron James is best friends with Dwyane Wade and over the years, their families have been forever intertwined. A great example of this is how Zaire Wade and Bronny James Jr both played for Sierra Canyon back in 2019. While Wade eventually left the team due to a lack of playing time, it’s clear that the two teammates enjoyed playing with one another. Since that time, Zaire and Bronny have remained close as they continue on their basketball journeys.

This past week, Wade had himself a great moment as he was drafted into the G-League by the Salt Lake City Stars. The Stars are the G-League affiliate of the Utah Jazz, which is a team that D-Wade has an ownership stake in. Needless to say, Zaire is excited to be a part of the Jazz’s system.

Zaire Wade

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

As for LeBron, he has been watching Zaire grow as a player, and when he saw that the young man was drafted, he couldn’t help but offer a congratulatory social media post. Taking to his Instagram story, LeBron said “Proud of you nephew!!! Keep going and F the haters!! They ain’t [shit] anyway.” LeBron knows all about having haters, so it was certainly a nice sentiment to put out there.

It remains to be seen how Zaire will fair in the G-League, although this will certainly be a great development opportunity. The G-League has proven to be a great league for young burgeoning NBA players, and it’s a great place to compete against grown men at a high level.


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