If you’re a basketball fan, then you probably already know what happened last night between LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart of the Detroit Pistons. LeBron was being guarded by Stewart during a free throw, and while trying to break free, LeBron swung his arm back and hit Stewart right in the face, which caused him to bleed profusely.

As you can see in the clips below, Stewart was extremely pissed off about this which led to him breaking free from his teammates in an attempt to attack LeBron. In the end, Stewart was restrained throughout the entire thing, and nothing ultimately came of it. Regardless, it was a massive scene that had fans on high alert.

In a report from Shams Charania who was a guest on the Pat McAfee show today, it was revealed that LeBron was extremely remorseful after what happened and that he even tried to get Stewart’s phone number so that he could apologize. LeBron knew it looked bad, but according to Shams, it was simply an inadvertent hit with no ill intentions behind it.

It remains to be seen what the NBA will do about this incident, especially considering how the game’s biggest superstar is involved. Some fines could be on the way, and if that’s the case, fans can expect them to be pretty hefty.

Isaiah Stewart

Nic Antaya/Getty Images