Les Twins Collaborate with Hennessy for 2021 V.S Limited Edition – VIBE.com

Les Twins Collaborate with Hennessy for 2021 V.S Limited Edition – VIBE.com

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Watching the celebrated Les Twins on stage or the dance floor is the closest thing to catching lighting in a bottle. So it makes sense that French sensations, Larry and Laurent Bourgeois, would partner with Hennessy for a special limited edition “In Motion” collaboration. 

Born and raised in the projects in Sarcelles, north of Paris, identical twins Larry and Laurent made a splash in their early teens by taking their unique style of dance to the streets of Paris in order to earn a living.

In 2008, they rose to fame as finalists on the TV show Incroyable Talent, the French version of the Got Talent franchise. Two years later, a US breakout came when a video of their World of Dance performance in San Diego went viral, earning more than 50 million views to date.  Before long, they went from dancing on the streets of Paris to sharing a stage with the one and only Beyoncé as the only male dancers on “The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.” In 2019, Hollywood came calling and they made their feature film debut in Men In Black International as the alien twins.

This summer Les Twins participated in a first-ever immersive virtual press preview where viewers could interact with the 32-year-old brothers as they translated the Cognac creation process through their unique form of expression—dance.

“Music is the question, your body is the answer,” Larry speaks about their passion for pushing the human body to its limit. “Just talking to you right now, I feel like I have work to do. My body is processing. You guys enjoyed the moment, so what can I do to make you more proud to have us in the project? I want my next freestyle to be the best freestyle I ever did in 33 years. That is how we think.”

Recognized as pioneers of a new style of movement, Les Twins collaborated with Hennessy to translate the Cognac-making process into a unique artistic expression for the 2021 V.S Limited Edition release.

Utilizing motion capture technology, Hennessy preserved the exhilarating energy of an inspired live freestyle dance performance from Les Twins and transposed the digital images into an original design. 

Les Twins are not strangers to the camera. When they were shooting Men In Black International, they had to convince director F. Gary Gray to adjust his workflow to accommodate their unique movement and style.

“When we were doing Men In Black we were doing stunts. They planned all week to do this scene we did in one day,” Larry recalls. “They wanted to do forty shots with different angles. I asked [Director] F. Gary Gray for the first time, ‘I know it’s different to work with us, but set up all the cameras around me and film me in one take. I don’t know what I’m going to do, but it’s going to look amazing.’” Larry knocked it out in one take and said, “I was on vacation for five days.” 

In that same spirit of innovation, for the first time ever, the annual Hennessy V.S Limited Edition release is represented by two complementary graphic designs: each bottle features a likeness of either Laurent or Larry, captured digitally, with their signature energy. The packaging also includes a QR code that opens up the many facets of urban and hip-hop movement for an immersive experience.

The Hennessy V.S 2021 Limited Edition by Les Twins will be available on shelves beginning August 2021 (SRP $42 per 750ml bottle).

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