Squid Game is starting to take over the rap game. As the world continues to stream the hottest new show on Netflix, rappers have started to hop onto the trend. On Thursday morning, Soulja Boy released his new song “Squid Game,” referencing the show’s challenges in his lyrics. Now, we’re seeing another rapper actually participate in one of the games, carving out a shape in some Dalgona candy.

One of the challenges in the game is for contestants to carve a shape out of a hard candy called Dalgona. If they succeed, they can move on to the next round. However, if they fail to carve the shape perfectly in the allotted timeframe, they are eliminated. Atlanta rapper Lil Baby tried this one out, and he succeeded, showing off his finished design on social media.

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

One of Lil Baby’s friends captured a video of the rapper looking extra focused as he completed the challenge, becoming the “first rapper to ever do the Squid Game.” He got the umbrella design, which is, by far, the hardest one to carve. Still, he seems to have nailed it, ending up with a solid effort.

In other Squid Game news, there was a real-life event inspired by the show in Abu Dhabi this week. Of course, players’ lives were not threatened as they played.

Check out Lil Baby trying out the game below.