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Lil Baby & His First BM Offer Heartfelt Birthday Wishes To Jayda Cheaves


The mother of Lil Baby’s first child, Ayesha Howard, publicly extends an olive branch to Jayda Cheaves with a heartwarming birthday wish.

Jayda Cheaves has blossomed from a social media personality into a savvy entrepreneur. While she did become widely known for sharing a child with Lil Baby, she’s making some major power moves. Today, she turns 24-years-old and she’s clearly enjoying her day, as she should. However, she also received several heartfelt messages from the father of her child and Baby’s other baby momma.

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

Baby hit the ‘Gram with a heartfelt birthday message to the mother of his child. Sharing a photo of Cheaves, he wrote, “Happy Birthday Ms. Jayda Cheaves!! Prada u!! Turn Up!! Stay on these bitches necks!! They can’t fuck with youuuu!!” He added at the bottom of the post, “I love u 4 life n wish you many more blessings.”

What caught many fans off guard was the birthday wish from Ayesha Howard, the mother of Baby’s first son. She and Jayda Cheaves have shared their differences over the years, though it seems that she’s ready to move past it.

“Happy birthday to you beautiful,” Howard wrote on her IG story. “I know we’ve had our difference[s] and the media tries to pin us against one another because they live for drama and negative energy but that stops now.”

Howard admitted that there was tension between the two over the years. However, she said that she’s incredibly happy to see the woman that Cheaves became. 

“We didn’t start off on the best of terms but since I’ve seen you grow into a mommy as well as a person and bigger influencer in the world,” she continued. “My words and well wishes are coming from a happy truly genuine place and I wish this healing happiness and maturity to you as well.”

She concluded, “Woman to woman mother to mother I commend you. Happy birthday Jayda.”

Check out both Lil Baby and Howard’s post below. 


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