Since Lil Durk and Lil Babydropped The Voice of the Heroes back in June, the two have popped up together on stage, in IG flicks and in each other’s comment sections. 

Durk, who’s dealt with a whole range of traumatic events and emotions in the past year, has been vocal about friends and family he has lost, the pain he feels inside, his love for his girl and arguably most importantly, his love for the money. The Chicago rapper is always engaging in some sort of money talk and yesterday, Durkio took to IG with a simple message: he’s about start flexing even more. 

“Ima start putting this shit in y’all faces incase yall think we got the same amount of money,” the “Backdoor” rapper captioned a photo of himself flipping off the camera. 

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Adding to the sentiment of making a ton of money and letting everybody know about it, Durk’s Voice of the Heroes counterpart hopped in the comments with a message of his own.

“Story of my life !,” Baby wrote. “50ms In still tryna get it right !” 

It’s hard to say exactly how much money Lil Baby has made off music since exploding onto the scene back in 2018 but according to the My Turn rapper, it’s more than $50 million. And even though that type of money is insane to the regular person, Baby wants more. 

After getting caught rocking a fake Patek Phillippe watch last month and looking a little lost following Megan Thee Stallion around this year’s Met Gala, it’s clear Lil Baby is dealing with the trials and tribulations of becoming an A-list superstar, not just in the rap game, but across a bunch of different platforms. But despite the ups and downs, the Atlanta rapper just wants to get his money up. And based on his recent track record of killing every single feature and performance, Lil Baby is well on his way to making as much money as anybody could imagine. 

What do you think of Baby saying he’s stacked up $50 million? What do you think of him saying he’s still trying to get it right? Let us know in the comments.