When Drake and Lil Durk linked up for “Laugh Now, Cry Later” last August it was clear that a special connection was made. 

From lyrics about bringing “Drake to the hood,” just to “surround Drake around Dracs,” and visuals including unreleased Benzes, jet skis on the Nike campus and re-creating shots from the 2003 NBA Draft, it was a perfect combination of Drake and Durk and all of the things they both bring to the table. And just over a year and another collaboration later (Durk was featured on Certified Lover Boy’s “In the Bible”) and we have this — Durk calling Drake the greatest of all time.

drake durk goat

Making sure to say that Drizzy is “THE REAL GOAT” and “NOT NO CAP GOAT” Durk paid the highest honor to the Six God, and if you look at the post he was saying it on, it’s hard to argue. Earlier today, it was announced that Drake’s Certified Lover Boy debuted at #1 this week, featured 9 of the top 10 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart (including Future’s first #1) and amassed over a billion streams since its September 3rd release. 

Numbers aren’t everything in music, especially not in the rap game, but in the weeks since all of the controversy between Kanye West and Drake leading up to their respective album releases, these numbers have to be gratifying for the Toronto rapper. It has to be even more gratifying for a peer and rising star like Lil Durk to show him such love like this.

Like Drizzy said, he’s “feeling young but they treat me like the OG.” I guess he wasn’t lying. 

It’s an endless debate but what do you think? Is Drake the G.O.A.T.? Is he in the conversation for that top spot? Let us know in the comments and in the meantime, play this “Laugh Now, Cry Later.” Baby.