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Lil Durk Flexes $1 Million In Cash Outside Private Jet


The Chicago rapper was flexing hard ahead of his 29th birthday.

Lately it’s felt like Lil Durk is on top of the world.

Despite recent social media posts in which the The Voice rapper expressed his sadness and desire to have another son with his girlfriend, India Royale, it seems that things are coming around for Durkio.

Between multiple shameless plugs for Royale’s cosmetic line on a Drake record, and a Nicki Minaj IG Live appearance, and the Chicago native saying he wants to complete his high school diploma, Durk is on an upwards trajectory, and honestly, that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. 

In the last year, Durk has hopped on two Drake songs, released a full-length project with Lil Baby and made $15 million off their collective Voice Of The Heroes tourHe has made countless appearances on other major rapper’s records and last night, just a few hours before his 29th birthday, Durk took a moment to flex everything he has worked so tirelessly for.

Taking to Instagram with a picture of himself posted outside the doors of a private jet with a million dollars cash between his hands and an extensive collection of watches tucked inside a Louis Vuitton travel case, Durk captioned the photo, “My birthday at midnight I should drop my album and go #1,” followed by a casual shrugging emoji. 

While he did not drop an album at midnight, it’s clear Durk was feeling himself enough to seriously consider it.

And he’s not wrong about going #1, even with a surprise drop. Despite Drake’s recent stronghold on the Billboard Top 200, it’s not crazy to think that Lil Durk could snatch that top spot. Whether he would want to de-throne Drake, who he has publicly called the greatest of all time, is a different story, but either way, Durk is doing his thing and brought a million dollars in cash to the runway just to prove it.

What do you think of Lil Durk’s million dollar flex? Let us know in the comments. 


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