Lil Durk said last year that he believes he’s the closest equivalent to JAY-Z in his hometown of Chicago, speaking to the rap legend’s hold over New York. His comments didn’t blow over well with hip-hop fans, but Chicago music lovers begged to differ, showering Smurk with love following the statement. 

This weekend, Durk repeated a similar claim, popping up during a surprise concert in The Chi and telling the audience that with the way they received him, he felt like JAY-Z.

“What we doing?” asked Durk to the crowd. “This is like one of those moments where you stand here like you motherfucking JAY-Z in this bitch, for real, right?”

While this year’s comparison was more subdued, people are still angry that he would reach to compare himself to such an iconic figure. “He not bad but don’t compare yourself to jay z bro,” said one fan, commenting on the video. “lil durk u aint nowhere near jay z my guy,” said another.

What do you think about Lil Durk’s JAY-Z talk? Does he hold a similar status to Hov in Chicago?

Recently, Durk spoke about the wild crime rates in his city, saying, “I be willing to help the best way I can but some higher power act as if they don’t care. This need to change and ASAP.” Read more about that here.