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Lil Kim Call Nick Cannon “One Of My Best Friends,” Reveals He’s Her Manager


Apparently, these two have been besties for almost two decades.

It seems obvious that hiking isn’t one of Lil Kim’s favorite pastimes. The legendary rapper was recently featured on Complex‘s Hiking with Rappers, and Kim joined King Keraun for a walk up the side of a mountain as they spoke about someone her most iconic moments. Lil Kim discussed her iconic red carpet looks that have set trends throughout her career, and she hilariously delivered commentary on why hiking isn’t on her to-do list.

One revelation that not many know about is apparently her close relationship with Nick Cannon. 

Nick Cannon, Lil Kim, Kanye West
Johnny Nunez / Contributor / Getty Images

“I just shot a movie with Nick Cannon. Nick Cannon, people don’t even know, he’s one of my best friends,” said Kim. “We’ve been best friends for years. Twenty, [nineteen,] whatever it was and we just shot a movie called Miracle Across 125th Street. So, it’s like the Friday of Christmas movies.”

King Keraun responded with, “So, Lil Kim the actor,” but she laughed it off and said she “did that movie for Nick.” She added that she does like being on the silver screen and added that Cannon has been trying to convince her to tackle more roles. “You know he’s my manager,” Kim said.

She also shared who would be on her hiking—or shopping—playlist, and those names included “of course, Drake” and Wizkid. Make sure to watch Lil Kim also laugh her way through a story about Gabrielle Union drinking her studio liquor below.


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