Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow Share Funny Interaction At MTV VMAs: “Don’t Be Sus!”

Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow Share Funny Interaction At MTV VMAs: “Don’t Be Sus!”

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Jack Harlow looked like he was about to flirt with Lil Nas X or roast his dress.

Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow had one of the most memorable performances of last night’s MTV VMAs, and they also had quite the interaction during the red carpet pre-show. Before hitting the stage, they both made appearances on the red carpet, where Lil Nas X stunned his fans in a gorgeous purple dress. Jack rocked a green suit, and his following has been raving over his look.

When they met up on the red carpet, LNX was in the middle of being interviewed, answering what he was most excited for when Jack interrupted. 

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“You know I’m going on stage with Jack Harlowwww,” said Lil Nas as Jack walked up to the pop-rapper and checked him out. He looked him up and down twice before the MONTERO artist interjected, saying, “Jack, do not say anything sus.” 

Jack did as he was told, and he simply backed away with a smile on his face. Fans have been laughing about the funny moment between two of the most beloved young artists in the business, theorizing that Jack was about to make a flirty comment, or roast his purple dress like another interviewer did earlier in the night.

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Previously, Jack has made “sus” comments with Druski, and a bunch of his older Instagram posts have gone viral as well. Lil Nas X clearly wanted to avoid becoming a trending topic by shutting Jack down, but it happened anyways. 

Watch the moment below, and check out their performance of “Industry Baby” underneath.

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