Lil Nas X previously admitted that he tried to get Nicki Minaj on his debut studio album MONTERO, but he never received a reply from his idol. Now, through a question-and-answer session on Twitter with his fans, we know the song that she was supposed to feature on.

Apparently, Nicki missed a chance to feature on the #1 song “INDUSTRY BABY,” according to Lil Nas X, himself. It’s unclear if Jack Harlow was also supposed to be on the song, but LNX admitted that he initially sent the track to Nicki.

“Which song did u send Nicki Minaj,” asked a fan. “industry baby,” he replied.

Last week, Lil Nas said he sent songs to Nicki Minaj and Drake, but they never sent anything back. With Nicki, he said he was being ghosted. Whereas with Drake, he said that since the rapper was working on Certified Lover Boy, he didn’t have time to record a verse.

With Jack Harlow, “INDUSTRY BABY” became the latest hit record from Lil Nas, but we can’t help ourselves but to imagine how Nicki would have sounded on the song. Especially considering LNX grew up stanning Nicki, it would have been a nice moment for them to go #1 together, but alas, the universe didn’t want that to happen.

Lil Nas is answering questions right now about his debut album so if you’re curious about anything, head on over to his Twitter and make sure to get your questions in.