Lil Nas X Trolls Twitter Reactions To Will Smith's Oscars Slap


After last night’s Oscars, everyone can’t seem to stop talking about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock, and rightfully so.

When Chris Rock made a tasteless joke about Jada Pinkett Smith referencing her recently shaven head, Will Smith decided to take a stand – which soon turned into a slap.

As with everything, Twitter and the rest of the Internet did not disappoint with their reactions — and neither did Lil Nas X.                                                                                  

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

The “Montero” artist also took to Twitter last night for his hilarious take on some of the reactions to the infamous slap.

“Y’all sitting here laughing,” he tweeted, “but imagine if will smith was an average kid that no one understands mom and dad and vicky always giving him commands (bed, twerp) doom and gloom up in his room Is broken instantly by his magic little fish who grant his every wish cause in reality they.”

Given his history of trolling on Twitter, most were not surprised as the artist set up a seemingly serious response, only to finish it with the infamous lyrics of Nickelodeon’s hit cartoon Fairly Odd Parents.

Continuing with his trolling, he later mimicked a tweet that somehow managed to bring up Will Smith hypothetically slapping the late Betty White, to reach the point of “Violence is NEVER okay.”

The original tweet read:

To which Lil Nas X jokingly responded: “Just a reminder that if Will Smith had built a time machine and went back in time and slapped harriet tubman as a baby for a joke she made (however insensitive), she easily could’ve fallen backward, cracked her skull and never freed slaves. Violence is NEVER okay.”

Smith’s Oscars’ slap is all anyone has been cracking on since last night, so it’s only right that the former King of Twitter trolling got his jokes in as well. 


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