Since his death in 2017, Lil Peep’s loved ones, as well as his fans, have been honoring his legacy. Whether it is with posthumous work or charitable efforts, the rising rapper’s name has continued to flourish. Yet, there are still controversies that plague him, including a pending lawsuit over a track and now, his mother has come forward with complaints about his record label.

Rolling Stone reports that Peep’s mother Liza Womack has made claims about First Access Entertainment, alleging that they have been refusing to cough up $4 million reportedly “owed to his estate.”

She also has a “wrongful death and business lawsuit against” the record label, but First Access is refuting her accusations. During a hearing earlier today (September 28), the label not only denied the claims but also stated that Womack is responsible “for any delay.”

“FAE is trying to choke off her funds by denying her her the royalty revenue that they know she’s owed,” Womack’s lawyer, Paul A. Matiasic, reportedly told RS. He added that the court needs to step in and help make decisions to move forward because Womack and First Access have a “dysfunctional” relationship that is in dire need of some form of mediation.

However, John W. Amber, First Access’s attorney, disagrees. “It’s not true that it’s dysfunctional,” he reportedly told a judge. “It also is not true that FAE owes the estate over $4 million. That’s simply not true. That’s just an argument used to gain someone’s sympathy here.”