Lil Uzi Vert Blends Genres On “Demon High”

Be prepared to hear Lil Uzi Vert jump back into his Popstar bag on his new single. The rapper has been teasing the possibility of a new project for some time, and many believed that they would receive The Pink Tape—his phantom promised album—prior to the end of the month. We’re days away from ringing in November and sadly, it seems that Uzi fans will have to wait a bit longer.

However, on Friday (October 29), Uzi did appease his supporters with his brand new single “Demon High.” The rapper has cleared his Instagram aside from sharing a brief look at the song’s music video, and Uzi’s eclectic, Pop Punk-Hip Hop essence will obviously be felt throughout. As far as The Pink Tape is concerned, we’ll keep you updated on its development.

Meanwhile, stream “Demon High” and share your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics

She don’t give a damn about mе, only care what money’s worth
She hit up my friеnds but it feels like I touched her first


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