Lil Wayne Allegedly Threatened Bodyguard With AR-15 Gun At Home –


Lil Wayne may have potentially landed himself in hot water with law enforcement yet again, following reports that the rap star allegedly threatened one of his bodyguards with an assault-rifle this past weekend. According to TMZ, police were called to Wayne’s home by a bodyguard who accused the rapper of threatening him with an AR-15 during an altercation between the two at his Hidden Hills home in California. Apparently, the altercation occurred after Weezy accused the bodyguard of leaking photos he had taken of him without his consent to the media, ordering him to leave the residence immediately. However, when the bodyguard chose to use the bathroom instead, he was allegedly greeted upon exit by his client brandishing an AR-15. Reports suggest the bodyguard escaped to a nearby community guard shack, where he contacted police.

When the cops arrived at the residence, Wayne was not present and the security guard showed no physical marks or injuries to his body from the alleged altercation. The guard also refused to press charges, leading officers to further question the validity of the guard’s story. Wayne has since denied the accusations, claiming that the incident never occurred, and a source close to the rapper says that he doesn’t even own any firearms at this moment.

This is not Weezy’s first incident involving firearms, as the rapper was previously facing up to ten years in federal prison on a weapons charge, but was ultimately pardoned by Donald Trump prior to the former President’s exit from office this past January.

We will continue to keep you updated as this story develops.


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