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Lizzo & Chris Brown Linked Up At A Bow Wow Concert & Twitter Doesn’t Know How To Feel


Lizzo told Chris Brown that he’s her “favourite person in the whole f*cking world,” prompting some outrage from fans.

The rumours are true, even our favourite celebrities get star struck from time to time. Over the weekend, Lizzo was one of the many faces in the crowd at Bow Wow’s Millennium Tour in Los Angeles. While hanging out backstage, she crossed paths with Chris Brown, which sent her into a frenzy.

“Can I get a picture with you because you’re my favourite person in the whole f*cking world,” the “Juice” singer can be heard gushing in a clip that’s surfaced from the evening.

Lizzo and her pals (all wearing beautiful Burberry) crowded around Brown for the photo op, which has been circulating on Twitter and receiving plenty of criticism.

As you may know, Brown has built something of a negative reputation for himself over the years. There was the 2009 felony assault charge he faced after attacking Rihanna, and in 2018, an anonymous woman filed a lawsuit against him alleging that she had been sexually assaulted by rapper Young Lo while partying at Brown’s home.

In June of this year, the “With You” singer was placed under police investigation after a woman was allegedly physically assaulted at his house. For some, hearing Lizzo calling a man with such a reputation her “favourite” was hurtful, and they didn’t hesitate to share their feelings with Twitter.

Others, however, were quick to come to Lizzo’s defence, questioning why people wanted to cancel her, but not the dozens of other artists who have collaborated with/shown love to Brown over the years.

As one person pointed out, Rihanna has since collaborated with him since their major blowout, and has even posted snippets on Instagram of her listening to his songs, so it’s safe to assume she’s not as hung up as outsiders may think.

What do you think of Lizzo’s link up with Chris Brown? Is she exhibiting problematic behaviour, or are fans reading too much into the situation?


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