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LL Cool J Breaks His Silence On His Unhinged Behavior In Music Videos


LL Cool J responds after going viral this week for several of his wildest music video moments.

Rock & Roll Hall Of Famer LL Cool J is reflecting on some of his most outrageous music video moments after going viral on Twitter this week. The larger-than-life rap superstar has spent much of his music career pulling noteworthy stunts in his music videos, like washing a woman’s hair in the shower while fully clothed, or violently strumming a woman’s leg like a guitar. 

As we relive some of LL Cool J’s best music video moments on social media with thousands of fans sharing their personal favorites, the 54-year-old entertainer addressed some of the viral tweets about his videos, sharing a response on TikTok.

“Time to break the silence,” said LL, pulling up a tweet about how he “was ridiculous in every music video he was in.” “Yeah, I was definitely ridiculous, that’s my goal, I make my own rules.”

JC Olivera/Getty Images

He went on to pick specific videos to give some back context, starting with his air-guitar leg moment.

“Playing the guitar on a young lady’s leg,” he explained. “My father always said when I asked him if he worked out, he’d say, ‘The heaviest thing I lift is a leg.’ I always loved that. I think I should have had two or three girls though. I should have had a whole band. Drums and all that.”

Then, he got to a video where he poured chocolate syrup on a woman’s kneecaps as she sat on the hood of his car, explaining, “Unhinged chaotic behavior, definitely was wylin! Although I always thought there should have been more chocolate, maybe using a giant paintbrush or something to just really go in. That’s what I would have did. Now, looking back, I should have went further with it.”

Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

Describing another video when he stiff-arms a child during a football game, LL said, “Of course… Out of here, man! It is what it is, man. We don’t do favoritism!”

He went on to give play-by-play commentary to a few more of his videos but what we’re getting from this is that while LL Cool J is definitely a wild dude, he could have always gone further than he did. Do you wish he would have pulled out that giant paintbrush and chocolate syrup or was he just the right amount of unhinged in these videos? Let us know in the comments.


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