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Logan Paul Chastises Tommy Fury For Backing Out Of Jake Paul Fight


The Paul family isn’t too happy with Tommy Fury.

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury were going to fight in a couple of Saturdays from now, however, the fight is officially off as Fury is out with an infection and an injury. Now, Tyron Woodley will be getting in the ring with Paul as the two will face off for what should be an exceptional rematch. These two had a very close fight the first time around, however, it was Jake who came away with the win by decision. Now, he will be looking to get a full-on knockout against the former MMA star.

As for Jake’s brother Logan, he doesn’t think too highly of Fury. In fact, Logan took to his Instagram story recently and lambasted the British boxer, noting that he fumbled the bag, and was simply not man enough to get in the ring.

“It’s a good thing you’re beautiful, you sexy blue-eyed beast, because you are a pussy,” Logan said simply. Fury’s reason for dropping the fight seems completely reasonable, although you have to expect this kind of trash-talking from the Paul brothers. After all, they are taking these fights incredibly seriously, and Fury was Jake’s best shot at a real boxer.

Either way, Jake will look to remain undefeated on December 18th, as he attempts to knockout Woodley in what could be his most entertaining fight to date.


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