The ongoing saga between London On Da Track and Eboni Ivorii continues, but this time, she is waving her white flag. The mother of the producer’s daughter has often taken to social media to down-talk her ex. She has called him a deadbeat, accused him of not spending enough time with their child, and stated that he has not taken financial responsibility.

Eboni has argued with the other mothers of London’s children, including Summer Walker, and recently, she went off about the producer. She spoke negatively about Summer and praised London, but later Eboni stated that it was all for show because London allegedly promised to pay her for the act.

After this latest social media bout, Eboni returns with an apology. “London and I have had a rough road and we have settled our differences,” she stated. “I would like to apologize to him for some of the things I have said in the past out of anger. Looking forward to the future and watching out daughter grow.”

Because she previously claimed she only said nice things because she was getting paid, the public doesn’t believe this is the last they will hear from Eboni. Check out the post below.