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Lucky Daye Drops Video For New Single, “Over,” Samples Musiq Soulchild – VIBE.com

Lucky Daye has officially released his newest single, “Over” with a visual story to match. He first premiered the song at the 2021 Lights On Fest in The Bay Area this past weekend. Within the first few seconds, fans can hear the sampling of Musiq Soulchild’s 2002 hit, “Halfcrazy,” from his sophomore album, Juslisen. 

The video, starring influencer/entrepreneur Jordyn Woods, shows Daye getting ready to perform for an audience of none. He walks through the performance hall while being bombarded by paparazzi and fans who are tugging and pulling on him in every direction. Surrounded by mirrors, his physical appearance drastically varies as he sings, “’cause I thought it was over/got me thinking my feelings over/you keep doing it over and over/you keep calling me back.”

Meanwhile Woods watches over him attentively with a watch in hand as though to keep him on track while he battles with internal struggles. “Nightmares turned into a dream/If you’re so toxic to me, what am I fiendin’,” he sings. Ultimately, she walks away, but he’s left standing on stage in silk boxers, dazed and confused.

When VIBE asked Daye about his new single, he exclusively told us that he “can’t tell you too much [with a laugh] but [it’s] on the new album,” and the second single—which he also debuted at Lights On Fest—has a feature. Check out the visual for “Over” above.

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