Lucky Daye’s “Used To Be” Is A Beautiful Highlight Off Of “Candydrip”


From competing in American Idol to leading a new era of R&B and soul, Lucky Daye’s perseverance through his career has transformed him into one of the most exciting figures in music. His 2019 debut, Painted, was met with immediate critical acclaim and praise but fans had to wait upwards of three years for its follow-up.

The wait was evidently worth it. This morning, Daye unveiled his latest body of work, Candydrip, serving as a sequel of sorts to his 2019 debut. Coming in at track 14 of the 17-song tracklist is “Used To Be,” an immediate highlight from the project that puts Daye’s hypnotic vocals on display. His emotionally-charged falsetto hits a pinnacle after a passionate, slow-burning build-up of a gut-wrenching break-up track.

Candydrip focuses mostly on flavors,” he explained in a statement, “and the idea of flavors versus Painted, which was about colors. These are a bunch of different flavors of songs, giving you ear candy in different ways.”

Quotable Lyrics
A dying rose in the winter
I’m holding on every way I can
Tell me is this only just me?
By my lonely?


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