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Ludacris & Gunna Interview Each Other & Discuss Atlanta’s Hip-Hop Scene


Ludacris and Gunna link up for candid conversation between two world-renowned Atlanta-bred artists.

Whether they’re insightful or awkward, artist-to-artist interviews typically make for an intriguing alternative to the typical artist-journalist interview format, and that is most certainly the case in Rolling Stone’s latest Musicians on Musicians series, which stars Atlanta rappers Ludacris and Gunna.

Although each of the rappers has left their mark on completely different eras of Hip-Hop, the Disturbing Tha Peace and YSL artists had a candid conversation, in which they spoke on everything from what it was like going to the same high school in College Park, Georgia, to the overall state of the music community in Atlanta.

“It’s enormous how many diamonds we got that come out of Atlanta,” Gunna told Luda when speaking about Atlanta’s rich Hip-Hop history. “I don’t care what side it’s from; we trending on every side. We do it as a whole for Atlanta, though. It’s all different, trendy ways of how players kick it.”

Ludacris agreed with Gunna, saying, “I love how when you look outside of Atlanta and you see what other cities say about our city, everybody—New York people, L.A. people—they’re always like, ‘I love how Atlanta artists just all work together.’ Work together on businesses, inspire each other, people just getting on records.”

The 20-minute interview contains several more highlights, such as Ludacris telling that Gunna is the “golden standard” when it comes to fashion as well as Gunna giving fans a much-needed update on his forthcoming project, Drip Season 4. To watch the full Ludacris and Gunna Rolling Stone interview, check it out below.



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