M1llionz Shares New Tape “Provisional License”

When it comes to blurring the lines between dancehall and drill music, there are few that do ti as well as M1llionz. The Birmingham-based rapper’s made waves across the underground in the past year following the success of “B1llionz” but it was his subsequent releases that put an international spotlight on his name. 

All of the buzz he’s gained in the past year has culminated into the release of his debut project. Provisional License. The rapper’s new project includes previously released singles like the 50 Cent-sampling “Bando Spot.” The rapper is also welcomed by several heavyweights of the UK scene scene such as Headie One, AJ Tracey, Lotto Ash, and Jevon.

Check out the debut project from M1llionz below and sound off in the comments with your favorite track. 


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