It appears that things aren’t so quiet on the set of Machine Gun Kelly’s latest movie, or that’s what a Los Angeles parking attendant has alleged, anyway. The singer is currently facing accusations of battery from an apparent on-set incident, although he and his team have been denying any claims.

According to TMZ, MGK was working on Good Mourning with a U, his latest project with girlfriend Megan Fox. The film is being co-directed by Kelly and Mod Sun, and the pair will also star alongside one another on-screen.

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

Apparently, a parking attendant who wasn’t aware of what was happening wandered into the on-location shoot, and started “barking” at a crew member to get out of the lot. TMZ reports that the “Wild Boy” singer yelled at the attendant to leave, but he has another story.

According to the employee, MGK was upset about a delay in receiving his car, causing him to lash out and push the attendant in the chest. When reporting the incident to the police, he told them that there were no witnesses, despite the fact that they were on a movie set, and multiple people have spoken to TMZ about what they saw.

The site also notes that the attendant waited almost a week before taking the claims of battery to the police, which makes his case look seemingly more suspicious.

With his camp backing him up, it looks like Kelly’s got nothing to worry about; he can get back to work directing, acting, and putting together a track list for the upcoming album he recently announced.

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