Macron in Kyiv explains why he made multiple calls to Putin and how he feels now


Thursday, 16 June 200, 21:07

French President Emmanuel Macron claimed that his calls to Putin were often made at Kyiv’s request, but more frequently he called on his own initiative.

This is what the President of France told a group of Ukrainian journalists, including Evropeiska Pravda [European Pravda], during his visit to Kyiv.

Macron admitted that his communication with Vladimir Putin had not been productive and after his visit to Ukraine he had become particularly aware of this.

“Given the number of hours I spent talking to him and given the realisation I have come to from visiting Irpin and Bucha, I feel more than disappointed. This word is not strong enough especially considering what the actions of this man have led to,” he explained.

Macron stressed that at times, Ukraine had asked him to call the Kremlin.

“Sometimes I called at the request of the President Zelenskyy, when he wanted to convey certain messages or proposals to Putin,” the French President said, adding that even if he is reluctant to do so, he will be forced to undertake further negotiations with the Russian Federation.

He also claims that he had no illusions about the Russian leader’s intentions.

That is why I made so many efforts in order to prevent this war. That is why I visited Moscow in the winter and spent so much time with this man before. Because I understood that every stage he would go through and every new step would result in something irreversible for both Ukraine and Russia,” he explained.

The President of France has repeatedly been the target of criticism over his telephone conversations with Putin, especially during the war in Ukraine.

For instance, the Prime Minister of Estonia Kaja Kallas said that conversations with the President of the Russian Federation were meaningless and former Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė called them “calls to a terrorist”.

Macron also said that it is very important not to humiliate Russia so that when hostilities in Ukraine cease, a diplomatic solution can be found. Although, he indicated that he considers Putin’s decision to start a war to be a fundamental historical mistake. He said that he sees France’s role as being that of a mediator.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine replied that appeals to prevent the humiliation of Russia can only humiliate France or any other country calling for it.


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