Mad Skillz Closes Out “Rap Up” Series Over Jay-Z’s “Encore”


2021 was one hell of a year. It started off with the slightest bit of hope that the pandemic was behind us and the Capitol Riot that took place weeks before Biden was inaugurated as President. It’s hard to believe that it all happened just a year ago.

Mad Skillz returned on Saturday, Jan. 1st with his final installment in his annual “Rap Up” series, titled, “The End Of An Era.” On his latest track, Skillz recaps all that happened within the past 12 months including Kanye West/Kim divorce, the political shift, and more. The rapper tackles Jay-Z’s “Encore” for this one as he goes in for a little over 6-minutes, recapping all of the wild headlines of the past year.

Check it out below.

Quotable Lyrics
Damn shame what I saw The Lox do to Dipset
When your swag can’t save you
How did Cam get out-Cam’d by Jada?
And Squid Games was funny
Ye ain’t drop Donda, he just kept taking y’all money


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