Man sues stepson for R84k to get back money used to raise him


In a bizarre bit of news, a man decided to sue his stepson for some of the money he spent while raising him while he was still married to the child’s mother. His decision comes after he divorced the woman whose child he helped raise during the marriage.

Many social media users have been left bewildered by the news and have severely bashed the man who is demanding R84 000 from his former stepson.

Man sues stepson for money used to raise him

There is definitely no love lost between a Chinese man and his stepson and he has gone a long way to prove it. The man known only by his last name, Tang, has been mocked by many Chinese people after he decided to sue his stepson Liu for 35,200 yuan (R84,000).

According to the Chinese publication Shanai News, a few months after Tang split from his wife, he decided to sue her son – his stepson – in order to get back some of the money he spent while raising him.

The money was used to cover Liu’s living expenses while he was at university. According to the publication, Tang paid around R84k for room and board over four years.

Tang and Liu’s mother married in 2009 when Liu was only 10 years old. In 2021, the marriage went sour and she filed for a divorce obviously leaving Tang feeling bitter.

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Netizens can’t believe their ears

Only three months later, he sued Liu for the university money and caused quite a curfuffle on social media as many people discussed his bizarre decision using the hashtag “stepfather asks stepson for 30,000 yuan living expenses after divorce” on a popular app Chinese app called Weibo.

The judge ruling over the case agreed with many social media users and denied Tang’s claims citing that he had willingly taken care of the boy as many parents do for children under the age of 18.

“Tang chose to support Liu, despite knowing he didn’t have a legal responsibility to pay for his university study as Liu had reached 18 years of age,” the judge said in the article published on Tuesday last week.


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