Man Who Robbed Safaree Samuels In 2018 Convicted On Robbery, Weapons Charges: Report

Man Who Robbed Safaree Samuels In 2018 Convicted On Robbery, Weapons Charges: Report

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Safaree was robbed at gunpoint by three men who took off with $180K worth of jewelry. One of the men was his childhood friend.

Artists and celebrities are not immune to becoming victims of crime and often, we see headlines about them having money stolen or their homes broken into. Back in 2018, Safaree Samuels was reportedly on his way to have an interview with Angie Martinez when he was robbed. He later stated that the thieves got away with approximately $180K worth of jewelry.

“I just got robbed at gunpoint,” Samuels told Martinez at the time, just hours after the robbery. He was visibly shaken. “A couple hours a go, I just got robbed like two dudes with guns just ran up on me. Had me face down on the floor with a gun to my head. They took everything.”

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It was later reported that there were three men involved in the stickup and today (November 23), New York resident Tacuma Ashman, 43, has been convicted of first-degree robbery in addition to weapons and resisting arrest charges. Following the incident, the three suspects fled the scene and were reportedly engaged in a high-speed chase. 

Apparently, the trio had plotted to rob Samuels and stalked the Love & Hip Hop star’s social media accounts to see what jewelry items he wears when out. They were even able to sneak a tracking device on Samuels’s vehicle, but those steps weren’t what truly tied them to Safaree. Shawn Harewood, one of the three men, was reportedly a childhood friend of Samuels and is described as being the “mastermind” behind the theft.

Ashman will return to court on January 28 for sentencing. He faces upwards of 50 years. Harewood is still awaiting a new trial date after his attorney reportedly recused himself. The third man, Carl Harry, pleaded guilty in 2019.

Watch the video of Safaree Samuels back in 2018 detailing the robbery with Angie Martinez below.


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